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AFOs, KAFOS, SMOs and MyMayu Boots

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AFOs, KAFOS, SMOs and MyMayu Boots

MyMayu was created out of a necessity. Little did we know at the outset just how much need there truly was...

As parents, we found that the traditional rubber boots available for our little boys just weren't cutting it for them- or for us. Face-plants, tears and puddle-soaked pants were the end result of outdoor play sessions and this was putting a damper on our family adventures outside. We knew that there had to be a better boot- but no one was making one that suited our needs. We're pretty humble and believed that if we were having a problem finding boots we liked for our kids, other parents must be experiencing the same issue. We're not that unique!

After years of hard work, we finally had something to share with others. However, as parents of kids without any major medical issues, we never really thought about what it would be like to not be able to find outdoor boots AT ALL. I mean- AT ALL. No options? We didn't like what was on the market, but we could still find something that would fit their feet and allow them to go outside in the rain and cold.

It wasn't until I started getting messages from parents asking whether the MyMayu boot design would work with kids who need foot and ankle braces did I really turn my mind to the utter lack of outdoor boots for kids who wore them. I can't even imagine not being able to find any boots for my kid. How frustrating it would be to want to get your child outside but not have any options in the way of proper boots!

That's why I was so incredibly excited when we found out that the toddler Explorer boots worked with AFOs!!! Happy dance!!! Then, unfortunately, as time wore on, we found that most of the bigger kids couldn't quite fit their braces inside. Disappointment and sadness. The Explorer boots for bigger kids were usually too narrow to fit the AFOs. ARGH. Grumpy face. Frustration. So... with fingers and toes crossed, we launched a new version of the MyMayu design- the Wanderer boot. It's wider and a has a different sole, but it is still ultra-lightweight, flexible and collapsible.

For all the parents out there who have kids needing AFOs, KAFOs and SMOs, we are over-the-moon thrilled to tell you that our Wanderer boots might just be the solution for you!

Here are some photos from a customer who recently bought some Wanderer boots for her son. She shows us how they are fitting with his AFO braces.

MyMayu Wanderer Boots and AFOs MyMayu Wanderer Boots fitting AFO braces MyMayu Wanderer Boots Accommodate Kids AFOs


We are incredibly grateful to Lindsey, who shared this awesome video of her son wearing his new boots. We think you will smile as wide as we did!


Julie, from Lafayette, IN, emailed us to say:

Just received our order; my 2 year old daughter has SMO braces and finding boots that fit that could accommodate her braces was a struggle. She has been walking around in these all evening! It's been a blast to see her in her "NEW BOOTS!!"  Thank you so much!

To Maria*, who told me that she has had to say "no" to many invitations for outdoor play because her daughter didn't have boots that fit over her braces, we hope we can be your solution because ALL kids deserve to explore the outdoors in great boots!

So, while MyMayu boots are not just for kids with these special needs, we are ecstatic that they seem to be working well for them. We couldn't dream for more.

***Update: The upper shaft is made of textile, so continuous rubbing in one spot may cause tearing or holes over time. One customer found this spot to be on the inside of the foot, on the shaft, just above the sole where the hinge of the orthotics often rests. Some orthotics may rub in this area and create more than usual abrasion. To prevent or fix any wear in those areas, we recommend using a product such as this gear patching material.  With a little extra love, your Wanderer boots will help your child get outside longer! 

As we continue our mission to help families get outside and spending some time connecting with nature, we hope you will join us. Boots for ALL- that's our goal.

With love and gratitude to all our customers, fans and cheerleaders,




*Name changed for privacy.

NB: As noted in the description of our Wanderer boots, playing in deeper puddles and heavy rain may allow some water to get into our Wanderer boots. We're parents too and know that checking in with our kiddos on a regular basis is a must to make sure that their play time is healthy and safe play time. Nothing in this blog post is intended to be medical advice or medical opinion of any sort. 


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