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SORRY. STORE IS CLOSED. Thank you for your support all these years


We receive this comment in emails and even see it on social media (more than once in a while we are sad to say). Yes, our boots cost more than department store brands. They are even more expensive than some of the lower end models of larger footwear brands. However, they are more than fairly priced.

This is always a difficult subject to talk about in a calm and rational way. Budgets are often tight these days and people can be emotional- even about boots! That said, we'll try to explain why our boots cost what they do.

First, we shoot for the stars and the moon, but we are pretty candid about not being perfect. As entrepreneurs new to the footwear business, we are on a continuous mission to improve every aspect of our business so that we can offer our customers a consistent and valued supply of the most versatile, comfortable and stylish boots we can dream up and make. When it comes to prices we humbly ask that you keep the following in mind:

  1. We are a tiny independent, family-owned business and our current volume of sales do not allow us to reach economies of scale that allow for cheaper prices. Some bigger (and even some smaller) companies, funded by private equity and the like, lower prices to gain market share; but we cannot afford to do this. We don't play the volume game.  At MYMAYU we believe in measured, sustainable growth and we've been happy to grow MYMAYU organically, re-investing any profits into development of new styles and into the growth of the MYMAYU brand. 
  2. Kids’ boots are not much less expensive to make than adults’ boots, so the costs remain disproportionately high compared to the final selling price of the product. Thus, even at our prices right now, kids' boots are, by far, the lowest margin area of the footwear business- which is another reason we want to get into the adult footwear space. Add in the shipping costs we absorb and the discount codes to attract new customers and we have an even slimmer margin at the end of the day.
  3. Because of these tighter margins, we don't generally have seasonal sales or join the "Black Friday/Cyber Monday" craziness. We simply can’t afford to do that. Every season we increase our orders to our suppliers, but demand has outpaced our supply. Trust us when we say that we are working hard to make supply meet demand. We'll get there.
  4. We make our shoes with no (or as little as we can) compromise on quality, ethics or sustainability. We are parents too. We want to leave the planet in a livable condition for our kids too. This means that we source materials that will last as long as possible. However, kids are HARD on footwear. We do our best to make durable boots, but nothing lasts forever. 
  5. We source our materials from suppliers who share our philosophy of quality and fairness. We work with factories who treat their employees well and pay a living wage. We test the materials to make sure they are up to our standards.
  6. MYMAYU boots are ultra-flexible and very thin compared to other boots on the market. This is what sets us apart. This is why you love us. Many people don't know this, but thinner and softer soles are way harder to manufacture than bulky and stiff soles (that's why all the other boots are hard and bulky and stiff- they are cheaper and easier to make). We pay a premium to our suppliers for making something that is out of the norm.

Ultimately, we aim to provide the very best value to ‘you’ (our customers) by creating a premium healthy and sustainable product; good for your kids and the planet. And when we do occasionally fall short, we do all we can to rectify a mistake as soon as possible. We take responsibility for our mistakes. We want to be good role models for our kids. 

And finally, when making choices about what shoes to buy for you and your family please consider: 

  • Cost-per-wear always makes investing in quality over quantity worthwhile! Many of the rubber boots we bought split after a few wears. Our boots last longer. 
  • We believe that stiffer soles that are so narrow you have to squish your feet into the toe box are not fun or good for you. But maybe we're wrong...
  • MYMAYU boots let feet remain foot shaped because they have enough room in the toe box. That makes them better to hand down to younger siblings. Stiffer, narrower boots often mould themselves to a particular kid's foot, so they are not healthy to pass on.
  • Although we sometimes get some flack for it, we don't really make "girls" boots and "boys" boots. We just make boots for awesome kids who want to have fun outside. Period.
  • At MYMAYU we are working to find ways to take back boots that are worn out. We're not there yet, but we hope to get there.

We want to provide products that provide our customers with value and something no one else is offering. That means a higher price tag for our small company and for you. We think they're worth it. We hope you do too!

Thank you for reading and for your support over these past four years!

With gratitude,

Suzanne, Javier, Nash and Rio (the MYMAYU family)

Now...go and Just Be. Outside.™


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